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Baby Ella is here! April 11, 2010

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This is the beautiful baby Ella. You may remember her debut photo session a few months ago. Here are my faves:

Congrats to mom and dad who are doing great!


momma! February 26, 2010

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Here is the second of my 3 mommas in the past few weeks. This couple was a dream to photograph. They are both very photogenic (read: gorgeous) and took direction like a breeze. I can’t wait to see their new baby who should be here very soon.

This is one of my fave dad shots of all times. he was really feelin’ it!


I can’t wait to meet your little one!!!


Expecting!! February 19, 2010

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I have a ton of maternity clients right now which is GREAT because what comes after maternity? NEWBORNS!!!

Here is the first of 3 in just over a week. They are 35 weeks pregnant here! Do you believe it! I can’t wait to meet their little one. We don’t know yet if it will be a boy or a girl so there will be lots of excitement! The weather was not great on the day of the shoot. As a matter of fact, the sky opened up just as we were finishing but they were troppers!!!

Here are my faves!


So what is up with me??? January 23, 2010

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I know I have been MIA for most of the last 6 months. 2009 was a very difficult year for many people and we were no exception. Up until June it was smooth but busy and then all hell broke loose. I lost a very good friend in June which really changed my world. I guess because it was the first friend that I had lost since being an adult. He was a mentor, friend and all around good guy.

Things really turned around in August when we got some great news. We are pregnant!!! We were really ready so it was perfect timing to help bring me out of my funk. The little one is healthy and has been growing on target but the pregnancy has been really hard on me. Much harder than my first one. I am now just starting my third trimester so I am feeling much better but things are starting to go quickly now. I had just about every wedding client from the past 2 years order their album since June so I have been struggling to keep my head above water. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your patients! Your the best. I am finally almost caught up. Just 1 more design and a few more to go to the printers once I get approvals. Again, I am so grateful to have been blessed with such amazing clients!

As far as business goes, if you have not noticed, I have shifted my focus significantly toward portraits. I still love weddings but I am planning for my future and having 2 kids and doing 10 hour events was a bit too much for me. I am now only accepting referral wedding clients and booking no more than 1 wedding per month. If you have a baby and want pictures, bring it on! Newborns are my favorite and my baby’s first year package has been a huge success.

I have a few goals for 2010. The biggest of course is to have a healthy baby but I have some business goals as well. I want to overhaul the blog and make it a part of Sugar Portraits. I also want to do some more mini session days in the late summer, similar to my holiday mini sessions which always sell out. I will be losing my studio as it will become a baby’s room shortly so I need to figure out an alternate space for that. I am sure I will think of a ton more things but right now I am heading more towards nesting mode.

I will be on Maternity leave from April 15th through about the end of May although all print orders will be filled and I have a few newborn sessions scheduled. I would not miss those for the world! I will have an intern helping me get things done so don’t hesitate to contact me at 310.346.9384 if you need anything during that time.

I have quite a few sessions scheduled before my leave so expect some updates. Until then, stay well and enjoy your winter!!!


Back! June 16, 2009

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Thanks for your understanding everyone. I am back in the office. Thanks!


How Cute is she??? May 14, 2009

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Meet Adelyn. She is a delightful little girl, about 10 months old for our shoot. She and her family live in Playa Vista which is a treasure of great photo ops. We had so much fun. Here are my faves:










Thanks guys! Looking forward to seeing you next week.