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It comes in 3 waves May 31, 2010

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The first, usually one where you are still alive and breathing and smiling. It is wonderful and happy and light. the sun shines brightly and you are strong and healthy against a backdrop of a perfect blue sky with billowy white clouds that never block the sun’s rays. Strong, tall, a picture of perfect heroism and strength. The warmth engulfs me, the smell of jasmine intoxicates me and the world could not be more perfect. As if the time space continuum exists to provide this day as a brilliant epic, all others are only previews and credits.

The second, macabre and cold. The dealth, blood, grey skin and a tuft of hair that is a reminder of how lifeless the body really is. Gone, Gone, Gone. If I had known yesterday the past 24 hours would have been spent differently. But no, there is no warning. Just silence and cold. Unbearable cold, freezing, numbing, deafening cold. It is over quickly, my one consilation.

The third, a small ray of hope. A glimpse of the first harbinger of dawn. That one small warm blip set low on the horizon. It is so comforting. So rich in experience and yet so illusive. I want it to expand. I try to reach out and grab it, suck it out of the abyss from wence it came. But I can’t. There is no worldly material to grasp, only light, photons, flux, luminance. Not matter. Not concrete, wood, cloth. Not Electrons, Protons, Neutrons. For this is what you are now. Only a thought, a memory. In this I take comfort. I can bring you back at will.

I awake from this one smiling. Wishing I could keep myself in this wonderland and feel it again. The warmth of the sun as it kisses the horizon. And then, reality. Life, as mundane and average as it can be. But I am reminded. Make this one great. Make it count. Because there is no warning.

Dedicated to a dear friend who I lost nearly a year ago. The 3 dreams came quickly for which I am grateful. It is always how I say goodbye. Saying hello again has been a kalidoscope of feelings. Great and painful at the same time. Eventually though, only the good is remembered.

Hug your loved ones. Your spouse, your kids, your dog. Because for most of us there is no warning.


FINALLY! May 12, 2010

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Yes, I know Juliana is three weeks old already and that I took the pictures over 2 weeks ago. It is hard having a 4 year old and a newborn! Not to mention the fact that my husband opened his own bike shop on Saturday, 2 weeks after my due date!!!??!!! That is the Che way. With Jandro it was the LA world cup when he was 4 days old. It was exciting but a little overwhelming. This is our life and I would not have it any other way.

Now that my baby girl has awoken from her 2 week newborn slumber I am starting to see her personality. She is much more like me than Jandro was. He was always a little ball of energy, even from birth. He barely slept once we got home from the hospital and ate constantly. She eats 7 times a day and wakes up twice per night over the span of about 9 hours. She is usually still asleep when her brother rolls out of bed at 8:30. Yes, I am tired but not exhausted and having a relatively easy delivery helped. I had a few stitches but not 42!!! I love my boy. Those battle scars just give you that much more to bond about. I will have to bond with my girl over different things.

Here are a few of my faves from her newborn session, enjoy!


Baby Che V2.0 has arrived April 27, 2010

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Hi Everyone. I want to let you know in advance that this isn’t my big picture post. We are doing the photo shoot this afternoon and I will do an entire post of those picts. I just wanted to get the word out.

Juliana Dalmira Che
April 20, 2010
6 lbs 12ozs
20 inches

Also, I wanted to show you the room. When Jandro was born we lived in a tiny apartment and he shared his room with my office. I had no way to really trick out a babies room. I made up for it this time! While I was designing it I felt like I was on one of those HGTV shows where thye give you $500 and tell you to design a room. It was done on the cheap and in a hurry! I had a great time with it and love it! Here are some pics:

I got very crafty, hand sewing the pillow, glider cushion covers and basket covers.

I love, love, love the rug. It was the biggest investment and well worth it! I found it on land of nod.

Another favorite is the cherry blossom decal in nursery colors found at dezign with a z. LOVE!

I hand painted the frames and the dresser, with Jandro’s help. He did the swirls and hearts

polka dot curtains from land of nod, grey and white curtains from Ikea

My goal was to choose non traditional colors and to make it eclectic and handcrafted. I love it! I think my little one loves it too although she will probably not sleep there for a few more weeks.

Stay tuned for the photo shoot post!


A post for my mom April 27, 2009

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My mom checks out my blog every so often and always tells me how much she loves it but gently reminds me that I have very few pictures of her grandson up for display. Ok mom, you can always check out my galleries on facebook which I add to often but here is a post just for you. Most of these are taken with my iPhone so they are not about the artistic quality or technical merit but instead they are purely about the content.

Yes, I am going back a while. These are from our first Christmas in our house and Jandro’s first real Christmas Tree



Ice skating in Redondo Beach


Jandro’s Birthday



Surfer boy

With his bufanda

Sporting the mohawk

One of me and Paul by the fabulous Heavenly Portraits

And finally, my most recent fave, the two loves of my life


Where were you – 911? September 11, 2008

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I can’t believe it has been seven years. It feels like a year ago or maybe two but not seven!

I was staying at my sister’s apartment in Santa Monica. I was house sitting because she was on a trip…to New York city. I went for the early bike ride around Marina del Rey and while I was out I heard some people talking about it. Hmmm, what is going on??? As soon as the ride rounded the marina I rushed back to Barb’s place. My heart was racing and I couldn’t think straight. I needed to be infomed. I turned on the TV and it took a while to really figure out what was happening. At first I thought a bomb had been dropped and was actually relieved to find out the truth. I knew my sister would not have been at the wtc that early in the morning so there was a good chance she was unscathed. I called and called and called, to no avail. I finally got hold of my mom several hours later and she had heard from Barb, thank goodness!!! I was still on edge but felt that she would be ok.

It wasn’t until after I talked to my mom that the real tragedy sunk in. Who did this and why? So many people missing and dead, their families shreaded to pieces.

The next night, I went on my normal Wednesday night ride. it was a small group and we all knew each other, I felt safe. We decided to forgo our journey into Palos Verdes and ride the bike path instead. It was surreal. We rode right underneath LAX and it was silent and dark. We heard the waves crashing but no planes taking off. We pedaled, 2 abreast for about 3 hours, hardly speaking, all of us paying tribute to the victims and families in our own way. Since then I refer to that ride as “The Mourning Ride” I will never forget it.

Thank you to all of you who searched, rescued, lost and fought for us as a result of 911


Back and Busy as ever! August 30, 2008

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Hi Everyone,

I had a great week off, my sister’s wedding was fab and the bathroom looks rad. I will post pics soon, as soon as I have caught up.

I have many sessions to blog so sit tight and I will get caught up shortly.


Computer issues!!! May 6, 2008

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Hi Everyone,

I have been in business for about 4 years now and for the first time I have bad computer news to report. My beloved 3.67 year old Viao has bit the dust 😦 I love her so, used her feverishly and finally she gave up the fight!!! I will miss you old girl!

I only have blackberry access to e-mail right now and will not be able to process anything for a few days, so if you are expecting a blog post, sorry (Yes, that means you Mary and Jim, who’s fabulous wedding I shot on Saturday)!

Don’t worry, all of your cute little files are sleeping away on my external hard drive, safe and sound.

Thanks for understanding everyone. Feel free to call me if you need to schedule a shoot or have questions about an album. 310.346.9384