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About December 7, 2006

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I love photography! It was a hobby of mine for a long time and 4 years ago I turned it into a business. I love capturing all of the emotion at a wedding and each fleeting moment during a portrait session. I love my work and my biggest thrill is when a client tells me they cherish the memories that I have perserved for them. So please, if you see something you like, post a comment!

Thanks for stopping by!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Marcus Rabovsky Says:

    Hey Kristine! Not sure if you remember me? Ada, you and I used to hang out all the time, A VERY LONG TIME AGO!

    Ada told me she talked to you recently and I wanted to say HELLO! And to wish you all the best!


  2. Tera Johnson Says:

    Hi Sugar Portraits

    As you may have already heard, Berlin Wellness is putting together a FREE informed pregnancy booklet (similar to The Bump) to promote awareness, information and references for expecting families in the Los Angeles area. We’re looking to release the booklet by early/mid January and are looking forward to providing YOUR resources, coupons and/or ads for our future 2010 readers. If you’d like to be included in the directory portion of the booklet, or would like to take out an ad, check out the following options:

    (**NOTE: all ads are color and the size of each page is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches)

    – $250 can get you a full page ad along with free space for a coupon (at the end of the booklet we’ll be including tear-out coupons for our readers to use)
    – $150 can get you a half page ad; if you’d like to include a coupon there will be an additional fee of $35.
    – $90 can get you a quarter page ad; if you’d like to include a coupon there will be an additional fee of $35
    – $90 can get you space for a coupon at the end of the booklet (no ad space)

    – $25 can get your contact information in the directory portion of the booklet (this does not include ad space; purchases for ad space does not constitute for directory space…this fee is separate from ads)

    Confirmation and payment due for Directory List as well as Ads or Coupon space: Monday, December 14th

    Please feel free to contact Tera Johnson at Berlin Wellness (323-549-0070) if you have any additional questions about our upcoming booklet. We’re looking forward to having an annual printing including new information, new articles and much more!!

    Talk soon!

    Tera Johnson
    Berlin Wellness Group

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